Effective Date: 24/07/2013

The course tuition fee (inclusive of VAT where applicable) is due and payable within net 10 business days from the date of invoice. Customer will get a discount of 3% if paid within 5 business days from the date of invoice.

Additional Terms

  1. Normally, an invoice will be created after the end of the project (the following working day after the end of the project) except for the case of prepayment.
  2. If there is any delay on the part of the client ( such as delay in sending PO number, contract price, hotel bills, etc.) then it will have counter impact on due date.
  3. Payments must be made by wire-transfer. If payment is made via check, money order, or credit card, it will require confirmation in writing from our Financial Manager prior to any payment activity being initiated. Payments made via check or money order must include an account number or payment coupon. Payments not including an account number or payment coupon will be subject to a payment handling fee.
  4. If the payment is deferred for more than 5 business day from the due date of invoice then interest will be charged (16th business day from the date of invoice). The interest rate will be based on the ECB rate plus a margin of 8,00%.The current ECB rate is 0,50 (8/5/2013), so the interest rate used for computing daily interest is 8,50% p.a. (This rate equates to a daily rate of 0,023%).
  5. If payment is not received within 10 business days from the due date of invoice (21st business day from the date of invoice) then all the service will be suspended. Full cost as well as any other applicable fees for the collection of the amounts due will be charged to the Customer.