Ubuntu Wants Your Data


Ubuntu Wants Your Data

Canonical, the company that publishes Ubuntu, has revealed that it plans to collect information on system configurations and packages from machines using Ubuntu. Will Cooke, from the Ubuntu Desktop team, went public with the news via an Ubuntu Mailing list.

The idea behind the data collection is to help the Ubuntu team to improve the user experience of their users. The change will come to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

We need to point out that users will have the opportunity to opt-out of the data collection. An installer will offer the user a checkbox which will be checked by default. It will be up to the user to leave the box checked or uncheck it according to their wishes. If users wish to change their settings later on they can head to the Privacy panel of GNOME Settings and make the relevant settings.

No IP address will be tracked and any data collected will be shared with the team at Ubuntu over an encrypted connection. Here’s a list of the types of information that will be shared from your machines with the folks at Ubuntu.

  • Flavour and Version of Ubuntu
  • Network connectivity or not
  • CPU family "RAM",
  • Disk(s) size
  • Screen(s) resolution
  • GPU vendor and model
  • OEM Manufacturer
  • Location (based on the location selection made during install)
  • No IP information
  • Time taken for Installation
  • Auto-login enabled or not
  • Disk layout selected
  • Third party software selected or not
  • Download updates during install or not
  • LivePatch enabled or not

The data will also be made available publicly so the wider Ubuntu community can dissect and examine any information of interest.

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