Ford Going Open Source


Ford Going Open Source

2018 already brings us the news that Ford Motor Company is one of the latest high profile companies set to embrace open source technology. It is working with Palo Alto-based Autonomic to create an open-source platform for companies and cities to subscribe to. Their vision is to create a connected world and they plan to do this via the open-source platform they are calling the Transportation Mobility Cloud.

As well as working with Autonomic Ford is also still working with Qualcomm and Postmates with the aim of making a system that anyone will be able to connect to and use with maximum ease.

The Transportation Mobility Cloud is intended to connect road users and cities meaning that Ford is interested not only in connecting drivers with services. Sunny Madra, Autonomic CEO, has said: “Think of something as simple as pollution. We want a city to define a geofence that would make it so any hybrid vehicle operates in an electric mode there if the city needs to cut down on pollution. Cities can impact their constituents by creating rules around different types of scenarios.”

This would also work for congestion charges, tolls and other transport issues that cities face on an ongoing basis. Ford is confident that within a number of years it will be at the centre of the largest connected car fleet. It doesn’t think that its vision of having a range of different car manufacturers connected to the same open-source system is unworkable. Different manufacturers in the motor industry often work together on projects that benefit the industry. Why not an open source platform that could make the industry a shining example of modernity and forward thinking.

Madra went on to say: “There are a whole bunch of new services that are not end-user specific, but also create a giant impact. Ford and the industry shouldn’t do this alone. The big takeaway here is that this is for the benefit of the entire industry.”

Disruptive technology doesn’t get much more disruptive than this which has the potential to change the way all of us think about the transportation industry as well as our cities. Not only that but it has the potential to change the way the motor industry operates and the services it provides the public. Much in the same way that Apple changed from being a computer company to a consumer products company.

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