Google Code-In 2017


Google Code-In 2017

Can you believe it? Google’s 8th Code-in event is fast approaching on November 28th.

If you’re not familiar with the event this is what it’s all about: Code-in invites students aged between 13 and 17 to take part in coding tasks for open source projects.

The event was created to stimulate interest in open source coding and software among teenagers to encourage them to take up open source software development. So far roughly 4,500 students have taken part in the annual challenge and they have completed over 23,000 tasks along the way.

This year Code-in is benefiting from the support of 25 organisations are offering to mentoring for the students. Organisations, including Drupal, JBoss, Ubuntu and Wikimedia, will be supporting students as they complete tasks on projects for industries as diverse as entertainment and health care.

Google has stated: "Google Code-in is unique because not only do the students choose what they want to work on from the 2,000+ tasks created by open source organizations, but they have mentors available to help answer their questions as they work on each of their tasks.

“The beauty of GCI is that participating open source organizations realize teens are often first time contributors, and the volunteer mentors are equipped with the patience and the experience to help these young minds become part of the open source community."

Tasks completed by students will be judged on creativity, quality and how well the task criteria was met. The eventual grand prize winner will be whisked to California and will visit Google Headquarters.

Google Code-in starts on November 28th and ends on January 17th. If you know someone who would be interested in taking part why not share this post with them? They can access all the relevant Code-In info here and everyone can access our training courses here.

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