Jumping Bean, EDC4IT form partnership


Jumping Bean, South Africa, and EDC4IT, Europe, yesterday announced their partnership to share expertise and collaborate to deliver high-quality training and consulting across the EMEA region and beyond.

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This partnership will mean not only faster development of new training courses, but also faster customisation and tailoring of courses, which is currently in high demand. This will mean an expanded list of products, services and increased geographic reach.

"Jumping Bean and EDC4IT share a common business focus on solutions integration, development and education. Passion for technology and innovation is a key shared value for both companies," said Mark Clarke, Jumping Bean, Technology Sensai. "This has enabled each company, individually, to deliver quality services and educational courses, in the high velocity open source space. Now, with our combined resources, we will be able to tackle new and exciting opportunities and bring much-needed skills to the market."

This sentiment was echoed by Jorden de Bouve, EDC4IT's Managing Director, who said: "What EDC4IT and Jumping Bean both contribute is their roster of impeccable trainers and consultants who come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In harnessing the creativity of our consultants and trainers, we are perfectly positioned in Europe, and Africa, to cater to clients in older and burgeoning markets."

Combined, Jumping Bean and EDC4IT have the resources to offer training in multiple languages and locations. Multi-language offerings are, of course, an important consideration in Africa with its Francophone and Anglophone divide.

Both EDC4IT and Jumping Bean are keen to explore new projects. "We are eager to bring our experience to bear upon projects in territories old and new," said De Bouve. "Having been in the IT training industry for some decades, both companies know what it takes to keep clients coming back year after year," he concluded.

Jumping Bean

Jumping Bean is an open source solutions integration and training company. It provides training in a wide range of open source technologies that are defining the companies of the future. Jumping Bean works with its customers to identify their current and future skills requirements, develop long-term skill development and acquisition programmes, and do so within their available budgets to ensure they are ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Jumping Bean's instructor-led, part-time or full-time, online or in-person, classes make use of consultants with years of in-the-field experience, which provide students not only with knowledge of the course objectives, but a renewed passion for technology and a deeper understanding of the possibilities and real-world challenges that these technologies and trends provide. Jumping Bean's competitive advantage, building its extensive experience and knowledge, is to rapidly evaluate new technologies, assess their usefulness and impact and deliver skills development programmes and training to ensure its customers have the right skills for the future.

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