What do you gain by moving to Linux from other OS?


Even though Windows is an extremely popular operating system, there are a lot of people who are opting for Linux because of a plethora of different reasons. It is a known fact that Windows is a user friendly operating system that comes with a lot of features, when compared to Linux. So what drives people to shift to Linux? Well, there certainly are some benefits in moving from Windows to Linux.

Security Assumes Paramount Importance

No matter, how many features and extra facilities you get, security remains the most pivotal factor that assumes the highest importance. One of the key reasons for the growing popularity of Linux is the kind of security it provides. Linux rarely suffers from problems of malware.

How do Linux provide such a high level of security? In Linux, users are not given administrator access by default. This means, even if the Linux machine is injected with a virus, it won’t have access to the root of the operating system, to cause any real damage. So you can be rest assured of staying free from worms, Trojan and viruses while using Linux. Windows on the other hand will provide administrator access to the users by default and hence the viruses and Trojans can access the root of the operating system without any restrictions and could cause potential damage. Although reports say that there are Linux based viruses & worms out there, comparing to a windows machine the risks are less than once in a million.

Price Is Always A Point Of Concern

Everyone is looking to optimize and economize their bills. In case, you need to buy an original copy of windows OS from the market, it is going to upset your bills substantially. Same is true for new releases of Mac OS. On the other hand, Linux is absolutely free to use. Even when it comes to upgrading to the new versions, there is nothing that is as easy as the Linux operating system.

Customize As Much As You Wish To

When you are working on your workstation, you want to customize your computer to the maximum possible extent. Each one of us has our own distinct style of working and a vision that is unique to us. When you are using Linux, you will get limitless customization options. Linux offers its users complete control of their system and you can customize almost all software and apps. As it is secure too, it means that you will be able to extract the maximum use of your machine without compromising on the security aspects.

Performance Matters

When you are using your machine for work related purpose, it is the end performance and output that will define the choices that you are going to make. By switching from Windows to Linux, you are bound to feel the difference in computer performance and output productivity. Linux uses comparatively less CPU and RAM as compared to Windows PC. So, the performance and speed of execution will improve significantly.

Free Bundled Software

Being a open source, different vendors are have released customized versions of Linux (popularly known as Linux Distributions) including Ubuntu, RedHat, Suse, Fedora  to name a few. Ubuntu has become predominant as popular desktop version of Linux. Users love Ubuntu for it’s rich and intuitive interface and lots of bundled software including office suite (LibreOffice), learning apps for children & adults, productivity apps like image & audio editing and many others.

Support from Major Hardware Manufacturers

Ubuntu being the most popular desktop version of Linux, several major computers are now selling Ubuntu Linux pre-installed computer systems and certified models that runs easily with Ubuntu without no configuration issues. All major PC vendors are predominant here including HP, Dell and Lenovo.

One cannot write off Windows operating system as it is one of the most used OS. However, when compared with the benefits that Linux has to offer, it looks like making the change to be a good option.