Why is SOA Governance so Important?


In the past 5 to 6 years, many organizations have seen success by adopting SOA in the right way. But in the recent times, there have been lots of discussions that question the ability of SOA to meet the growing complexity of business needs. Some of the leading SOA organizations have started to believe that SOA has entered its dying phase, with the recent growth of cloud computing. The major reason for this situation is said to be the inability of SOA to be flexible enough to address the ever changing business needs.

Challenges Faced while Adopting SOA

One of the most critical challenges that will be faced by the enterprise architects, while going ahead with their SOA initiatives, will be to meet the growing complexity of enterprise services without compromising on performance.

The adoption of SOA by itself will get more complex as the organization keeps growing, due the introduction of new services to address the changing needs.

SOA requires changes at many levels of the organization, while attempting to integrate silos of services into a federated enterprise.

Significance of SOA Governance

The challenges mentioned above can be overcome if the enterprises have a well structured SOA governance in place. So what is SOA Governance? It is a well defined strategy or a discipline that should be followed by the enterprise to make sure that their services are reusable and consistent across various domains. Though governance may not prevent the complexities associated with the changing business demands, it will provide the ability to manage the services effectively. This will in-turn enable the enterprises to create well organized collection of services, satisfying the needs of the enterprise.

A light weight SOA environment and SOA Governance have always been seen as two separate entities. But one could achieve a light weight SOA environment with a well defined SOA governance, thereby establishing a federated and shared services environment and eliminating silos of SOA. SOA governance should be focused towards achieving a highly automated system, so that the developers and users will be more comfortable to create their own applications, by using the already available set of services.

Well defined standards should be followed by the developers while creating services and business processes, in order to achieve consistency across the enterprise services. Various vendors have come up with highly optimized SOA governance tools that can be utilized by the enterprises to establish a well defined SOA governance within their organizations, to get the most out of SOA.

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