5 Great Things to Look Forward to Java in 2013


While Oracle’s Java has gone down swinging and been picked on for its security vulnerabilities recently, the programming language has got a brighter side too. Interestingly, the renowned and purposive Java has packed in a few great possibilities and attributes for the upcoming year. Let’s take a look at some of the features that would keep us excited about Java in 2013.

Java 8

Although a lot of developers have been hanging onto their hats for Oracle’s latest release, the much-anticipated Java 8 will apparently be buzzing the world by September, 2013. For those unaware, the upcoming software version is expected to bring in long awaited lambda functions – which, unremittingly, have been keeping the market searing with great expectations. The enhanced Date and Time API within Java 8 requires a special mention as well here.

JavaScript in Java

Yes, you read it right. After walking through several ‘yes’ or ‘no’ discussion boards all throughout the previous year, Oracle has now finally shed some brighter light on the tidbits. If we go by the sources, the highly anticipated JavaScript engine (which is gearing up to snooze under Java) will actually integrate JavaScript into Java applications. As a result, users and developers will latch onto a better experience with greater versatility and enhanced functionality.


Another great feature that you ought to be excited about Java in 2013 is Sumatra. Ostensibly, Sumatra is expected to improve the overall performance of Java by using the GPU. Although not much is revealed about Sumatra, this project within OpenJDK certainly looks promising for the year 2013.

Java floats even farther into the cloud

Pretty much like many laaS and PaaS options, Java has got its horse sharper too. The industry giant will expectedly be taking a bigger leap into the world of ‘the cloud’. While there still appears to be some more time for Java EE 8 to release, Oracle will apparently lend greater support to the cloud platforms and may enable more third-party solutions to support Java in the cloud.

Extended JVM languages

Last but definitely not the least, you may look forward to a larger base for JVM languages to flourish and prosper. Hopefully, Java in 2013 will strengthen and extend the possibilities with Akka and Play 2.0 for an immersive user experience – while endeavoring to sell Scala to those who do not really feel a dearth of something heavy duty. Well although the above mentioned Java innovations and advancements may gobble down some extra time to knock the doors, Oracle definitely looks confident to perk up the entire Java experience in 2013. So, let’s just cross the fingers and hope for the best!