Surge Of Java Interest!


Surge Of Java Interest!

According to analysis, carried out by Stack Overflow, there has been a significant increase of interest shown by UK and Ireland employers in Java.

Java is, as you will know, particularly popular for enterprise users and is beloved amongst developers of Android apps. Now The Developer Ecosystem Report published as the result of analysis has shown that Java has in fact seen the biggest rise in demand from employers from July to December.

Yes, Python is on the rise but JavaScript is still the top dog as far as the UK and Ireland employers are concerned. Stack Overflow has explained the rise in popularity as a result of a “surge in development of machine learning and AI in the UK”.

For the 2017 Q4 jobs tagged with Java as a key skills breaks down like this:

  1. JavaScript: 24%
  2. Java: 22%
  3. Python: 15%
  4. C#: 12%
  5. ReactJS: 10%

Not only are Java skills being sought out more by employers but Java topics are also gaining popularity on the Stack Overflow site despite a recent downturn. For most visited programming languages Java sits at number 4 behind Python, JavaScript and C#.

A major selling point of Python is its flexibility which means it is popular with developers and sysadmin/devops as well as machine-learning engineers. We recently ran through some of the major selling points of Java and why it is still one of the most used programming languages in our blog post: The Case For Java.

The hard data from Stack Overflow shows Java’s popularity and that it remains a relevant programming language. Check out our range of solid Java courses that can give individuals and teams a headstart when working with Java.

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