The Case For Java


The Case For Java

A couple of weeks ago we made the case for Scala to replace Java as the top programming language. So this week we thought we’d turn the tables and outline how crucial Java still is for developers.

Let’s face it: that Java has been remained the go-to language for developers over all these years is indicative of one thing. That thing, if you were wondering, is not that developers are averse to change and prefer to stick with what they know rather than learn a new language. No, instead its popularity is indicative of the how truly robust the Java language is.

But can we rely on it to continue to power the apps of the future?

Well, here’s why EDC4IT thinks it will be around for years to come:

As already mentioned, Java remains incredibly robust and continues to be a trusted pillar of the development community with new improvements and features revealed with each fresh iteration.

Offering the best functionality, top security and impressive scalability Java is set to be a part of our internet lives for some time to come.

Solid security means Java continues to be the number 1 choice for programmers when developing enterprise apps where security is a major concern. With the available advanced security management features developers can protect APIs from unrecognised code. User authentication and communication protocols add to the confidence that developers have when dealing with Java.

Project Jigsaw, released as part of the latest Java SE 9, helps developers to maintain sophisticated applications and offers them a reliable way of making their apps available on newer and smaller devices while maintaining reliability and security. In other words, with Project Jigsaw, Java SE 9 is aiming for the future with no intention of backing off.

These days it is not uncommon to have upwards of four different devices with different sized screens running on different platforms. That’s why programmers need to work with a coding language that they can use across the board. Enter: Java. With Java developers need only to write the code once to distribute it across several different platforms.

Is all this enough to explain Java’s position as the number 1 coding language in existence? No, there has to be something else. Perhaps it is how easy it is to learn? Especially if you have top notch instructors to help you along the way. EDC4IT instructors are amongst the best around and will have you flying through Java protocols in no time. Check out the available Java courses here.

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