Is Java SE 8 an initiative to challenge Android?


We all know that the Google’s Android OS, which is based on Java, has revolutionized the Smartphone world and made it possible for any common man to taste the luxury of Smartphones. Oracle on the other hand, filed a case against Google, claiming that Google has used some copyrighted Java APIs. But the judgement has favoured Google when the U.S district court decided that all the Java APIs used by Google are free for anyone to use.

Java SE 8 for ARM

Now, to everyone’s surprise, Oracle has released a developer preview of Java 8, which is said to have been developed to support the ARM processors. ARM processes are being used by most of the Smartphones and hence it seems that Oracle would come up with a mobile OS, by capitalizing the features of Java Fx platform. They have planned to release the Java SE 8 platform during the end of 2013, before which it will undergo the ARM developers testing. With Java SE’s ARM support, Oracle might have plans to create a better OS that will challenge Google’s Android that was developed using Java. If Google can use Oracle’s Java to create a revolutionary operating system, why can’t Oracle create an even better operating system?

Android’s Dominance

Having said this, competing with Android is not as easy as we could imagine. Android is being used by billions of devices and millions of developers target the android platform to create next generation mobile applications. Android has grown over years and have now become one of the most preferred operating system by Smartphone users. But Oracle should be under estimated, given its reputation in developing cutting edge technology products.

Areas where Oracle could overtake Android

Though android has a lot of powerful applications, it is also a known fact that the platform cannot be trusted to create secure applications. Hence if Oracle could come up with a completely secured operating system, many organizations would target their platform to create secure mobile applications, which might lead to a change in the trend among the Smartphone users.

Android platform has failed to set very high standards for their applications. If Oracle could set up a standard that would earn the trust of the end users and organizations, it might have an edge over Google’s android.

Though it would require an enormous effort to beat the dominance of android, the ever changing trends in the Smartphone industry just reminds us the fact that change is only permanent thing in this world.