Java 8 release still on track?


The developers of Java 8 have termed it no less than revolutionary in the recent times. This has led to massive expectations amongst its prospective users. The idea for this evolution of Java as told by the developers is to keep it simple, retain all its former features and at the same time makes it more fun. The choice is indeed a huge leap from the older versions of Java which make Java 8 worth all the wait and anticipation.

What’s new in Java 8?

There have been interface improvements and there has also been an introduction of a functional interface that can be initiated by Lambdas. These are the key shifts from the initial versions of Java. Project Lambda supports programming in multicore environment. This is perhaps the most important and the biggest upgrade expected in Java 8. This project is said to have the potential of changing the very experience of programming, making it easier and more comfortable. Lambdas are also considered to be a boost to coding. In addition to this major upgrade or change there are numerous peripheral fixes like compact profiles which have been simulated to bring out a refined version of Java.

Why is it taking so long?

The complexity to execute Project Lambda successfully has been a primary cause for the delay of the release of Java 8. In addition, a number of security issues have to be taken care of. All these have contributed their fair share in the delay leading to speculations and apprehensions. The vulnerabilities associated to a project of such an ambitious stature are huge and that the launch of Java 8 has been delayed time and again doesn’t help matters much. A great software is one which is not only replete with a variety of features but is also secure enough so that people can work on it without any security issue. Keeping exactly this is mind, the engineers of Java 8 have spent a lot of time and energy in making sure that there are absolutely no loopholes in the new Java version. This kind of perfection which is being aimed at is a target extremely difficult to achieve in the given time period. Therefore, the developers are left with no option but to change the release date, post-pone the launch and kept everyone waiting.

What’s the probable release date?

Another approach which the developers could have taken is to drop out some of the planned features that they wished to incorporate initially which would have enabled them to launch Java 8 on time. They have done that to some extent as it is known that Project Jigsaw has now been deterred. But Project Lambda is itself time-consuming and demanding, hence the delay. Also, the developers do not wish to do away with the necessities like community feedback and testing. It is better to test things beforehand than to discover a shortcoming later. The release date is tentatively scheduled around mid March 2014 as of now. It is by this time that the engineers involved in the re-incarnation of Java suppose that they could do away with the flaws and come up with a software that is productive and secure. Therefore, a very efficient Java 8 with a whole new range of features will be launched soon with all the technicalities and complications having been taken care of. We just wish it would be worth the wait!