Java Developer's new year resolutions 2014


As it is almost a new year on the Gregorian Calendar, we need to start thinking again about our new year resolutions. I am not talking about the running you will try in the first week of January, or the smoke free period of three days after your new year's party. I am talking about your new year's resolution as a Java Developer.

10 New Year Resolutions for you the Java Developer:

  • Start considering another language, such as Scala (a great way to start is to start writing your tests in Scala)
  • Stop programming with null-logic, meaning don’t let any of your methods return null or accept null
  • Reconsider using JPA when you really need to use a database framework/API such as mybatis or Spring JDBC
  • Lift your barriers against JavaScript. Java’s screen-sending-mainframe-terminal-like Servlet model is not always the best solution
  • Do start using Linux as your OS, for a developer it makes so much more sense
  • Do finally move from svn and embrace the beauty and power of git
  • Also leave ancient XML-based maven and enjoy the ease of gradle or sbt
  • Start planning your exit strategy from the Java programming language (both for you and your company’s projects)
  • This is it, no more excuses, you need to now really start doing Behaviour-Driven Development (who have you really been fooling?)

And of course you will need help with this, so your last resolution: get trained by us!

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