JPA Transactional Proxy for JavaSE

November 2011

When using JPA in Java SE, it would still be helpful if a proxy would take care of the transactions and EntityManager life-cycle. I have created such a proxy for my Java/JPA and thought that perhaps others would like to use it as well. Here is some client code using it

Foo f = JPAUtil.getTransactionalProxy(Foo.class);;

The bar method can then be implemented like this

public void bar(){
  EntityManager em = JPAUtil.getEntityManager();

The JPAUtil is used to create the proxy and to obtain the EntityManager. The proxy is created using javassist

It creates an JPA transactional proxy with following semantics:

  • Shares an EntityManager per thread
  • Opens and closes the entityManager for each method call
  • Transaction follow REQUIRED pattern (will join an existing transaction)
  • Uses the rollback only flag on the Transaction object
  • Rolls-back on «any» exception

This implementation does not inject the EntityManager into the target object

The whole code can be downloaded as a gist