PolicyPak Unveils New Software to manage Java Security Threats


Java users who were locking horns and stewing over the security vulnerabilities pertaining to their software may finally hang loose and put their feet up. After witnessing several Java security threat episodes from users worldwide, PolicyPak has just fixed up the Java security issue by unveiling its latest software to remediate the Java vulnerability.

Designed meticulously to extricate security threats that have disappointingly been discovered in the Oracle application, the pre-configured PolicyPak helps users seamlessly lockdown, configure or disable Java for enhanced security. While Oracle is striving hard at solving Java-related security concerns, many IT administrators have already started banking on the new PolicyPak Software to temporarily disable Java on their devices until the dust settles.

Although Oracle’s Java is not the foremost one to land in a trouble and to knock Department of Homeland Security Website, the software security alert has indeed been putting many on pins and needles for quite some time now. The newly released PolicyPak from the leading desktop management service aims primarily at managing Java security threats and also helps prevent Java from updating on the user’s computer.

While Java’s hallway on the alert list of Department of Homeland Security has been irking a lot of users across the world, the app however gets accompanied by other vendors too– including Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe and others. Hopefully, the newly unleashed security solution from PolicyPak will get to the bottom and pan out the security vulnerabilities.

Well, although there is a dearth of more tools and strategies to remediate the problem, the PolicyPak Software can unremittingly be used to alleviate the struggle with securing and managing Java on the whole. What’s more, the solution enables Java users to conveniently systematize and lockdown almost all facets of Oracle’s application on a client machine using SCCM, Group Policy or any other desktop management software.

Indeed an instantaneous yet highly reliable solution to deal with Java security vulnerabilities, the effective and result driven PolicyPak has been made available for download now. Users can simply head towards the Company’s official website and lock up with the latest security solution on the market. However, keep in mind (as PolicyPak suggested) to protect your Java app from malicious components as much as possible – after all, ‘security’ is what users rifle through for.