Is Angular JS Gaining Momentum


HTML is the most widely used scripting language to develop websites and web applications. We may choose to use any technology or language to create a dynamic web application, but HTML will form the base for that application. So until now, HTML is extensively used to create static content and it is complemented by some other language, to make it dynamic.

What if HTML was developed to create dynamic websites? How easy it would be to create a completely interactive and dynamic web application, without the need to write additional programming, away from the HTML tags? How efficient it would be to bind data to the HTML elements, without having to capture the DOM events and manipulating the data binding logic inside JavaScript?

Angular JS, is the answer to all these questions. Angular JS is a lightweight JavaScript library that is written in such a way that we can use HTML vocabulary to add dynamicity to our websites. But wait a minute, why should I user Angular JS and how is it better from lots of other open source frameworks?

Why should we consider Angular JS?

Angular JS is a Google’s Product: There need not be much explanation, on why a product is better, once we brand that as a Google’s product. Angular has been developed by highly qualified engineers and is deployed on dedicated Google servers. Leverages HTML template: Angular JS makes the best use of HTML structure and helps us build professional websites with clean and structured code. Automatic Data Binding and support for Dependency Injection: Whenever there is a change in the model, it will be automatically sensed by the listener and can be displayed in the view. This completely eliminates the need to handle events manually by accessing DOM elements. Since it eliminates DOM access, it also improves the performance. Ability to test: You can test your Angular JS application using standard testing tools like Jasmin, Qunit etc.

Real-time adoption of Angular JS

Though Angulas JS proves to be a worthy framework with all of its cool features, there has always been a question among the web developers and experts, on where has it been used in real time. Since it was a Google’s product, there were questions like why has Google not adopted Angular JS in any of its applications? Recently this question has been answered with the release of the revamped “Google Double Click” platform, which is built using Angular JS.

The latest YouTube App for Sony PS 3 has been built using Angular JS. Also check out a neatly designed Sudoku game built using Angular JS

With the market leaders utilizing the Angular Framework for their products, many organizations and developers would be encouraged to dig deeper into this framework and see how they could utilize it for their next project.