Programming with Python Language


Python Programming:

There are so many different programming languages that one can use and still some are more popular than others. Python  is one such programming language that has been used extensively. Let us explore the details of what features it offers and why it is such a popular choice among coders.

Top Features of Python

Python is a high level programming language that has been designed to help coders carry out their designated goals using far lesser code when compared to other languages. Some of the key features that Python offer are as follows.

  • Python supports different type of programming concepts including

  • Functional programming

  • Imperative programming

  • Object oriented programming.

  • It offers efficient memory management with its features like reference counting and automatic garbage collection.

  • It makes use of white space indentation rather than curly braces or even keywords which provides better readability.

  • It has extensive standard libraries and the support from third party library which makes possible to compute almost every coding task efficiently.

  • It is primarily a scripting language, but it can also be used for non scripting programming too.

Why You Should Use Python?

Python is extremely powerful in the sense that its library is full of extremely useful snippets and codes. Even when you are building your own web server, you will not have to stare at endless lines of code. Python has made coding not only simpler but also smaller in size.

Compatibility is one of the most critical factors which help in deciding a programming language. Python is compatible on almost all platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac, OS/2 and has been ported to the Java and .NET virtual machines.

Designed by Guido Van Rossum ; back in 1991;  Python is listed under open source license which makes it free to use or even extend its features. It has been listed as one of the top eight programming languages. Unlike several other programming languages, you do not need to declare variable types, which make python a more flexible language.

Once you start learning python, you will realize that you are able to create a working application at a much faster pace. Python seamlessly integrates with Java with the help of JPython, which helps Java developers to utilize the features of python by integrating it into their applications.

Some people complain that python offers so many possibilities and ways of coding a single solution that it often adds to confusion for web developers. However, the ability to implement a solution in different ways could also be considered as a positive aspect, since it allows the developers to choose their way of coding.

Overall, python is a dynamic language that is slowly becoming the de facto standard used by people for programming. It is especially used for those tasks that need extensive coding and easy maintenance.