What Should I Choose- Angular.js or Ember.js?


There are a lot of different JavaScript frameworks and it is important to choose the ones that will serve your purpose meticulously. There is always an ongoing debate between which is a better framework- angular.js or ember.js. Before passing a verdict and coming to an opinion, it is important to be familiar with both the frameworks.


What Ember.js Offers?

Ember.js is a client side web app framework that is based on the popular Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture. It is mainly used to create single page applications that are scalable. It makes use of declarative two way binding and can even update the templates automatically.

What Angular.js is all about?

Angular.js is a JavaScript framework that is an open source platform which is maintained by Google. It is also based on model view controller architecture and it primarily aims at making both development as well as testing efficient and easy. Angular.js extends traditional HTML code such that dynamic content can be easily served with help of two way data binding.

Comparisons of the JavaScript Frameworks

Although, ember.js is extremely convenient for coding, a larger number of people are recommending the use of angular.js. Angular.js is one of the most credible frameworks mainly because it has been developed by Google engineers. Angular.js aims at standardizing the structure for web applications and it provides a template that guides how client side applications should be developed. There are chances that the template offered by angular.js will become the de facto standard for all web developers.

Angular.js is easy to use

Web developers are always in the need to find out ways in which they can code easily. Angulalr.js has been termed as the new revolution as it extends HTML syntax and adds a new dynamic layer that makes application development easier and eliminates the use of extra codes. Angular.js was started as a research project by Google; however, the kind of popularity it has gained and the effectiveness that it shows has made it one of the most popular choices.

Angular.js is extremely fast

It only checks the current view and it performs checking only when there is a possibility for a change to happen. Further, the directives have reusable components that make code reuse much more effective and simple.

Angular.js is easy to understand

Although, Ember.js makes use of bindings and is an efficient tool for making dynamic client side apps, it is confusing and hard to grasp when compared to Angular.js. Further, it doesn’t make use of the latest standards and those who want to follow the blueprint that will help them make some of the best apps efficiently are likely to opt for angular.js rather than ember.js.

The fact that angular.js is thoroughly tested, adds to the credibility of the platform. There are too many functions and features and with a very little knowledge of this open framework, you will be able to implement it and enjoy the benefits that this Google framework has to offer. No doubt, angular.js is a better JavaScript framework of choice.