What’s the status of Python?


Python is a fairly young programming language. It is used to enhance the performance of your work and to bring together different systems in a smoother and effective way. Python is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is now portable to Java also. Python is an open source language which means it is free and widely available to be used.

The basic impulse behind a programming language like Python is to reduce the code to as few lines as possible. This means that the language, though a high level language, promotes easier readability. The elements of the language are such that it can support big and small programs with equal ease.

In terms of constituents, Python is an amalgamation of multiple styles. These range from the well known object oriented programming to procedural styles. Though adequately popular, Python’s potential has not been fully exploited by amateurs. This is because they are making rookie mistakes.

Python is a high level programming language, so it is obvious that the language should be used for more complex tasks and not for simpler one like creating drivers and other similar projects. It is far more useful to use Python to call the code written in C for simpler tasks.

If you are fluent in another programming language, then you sometimes need to adjust your ways to Python. You cannot carbon copy the language that you are used to, to Python. A common example of such a problem is that you could be using elements in a list format rather than objects or classes. This would make the code more cumbersome and less readable which is exactly not what Python was designed for.

This problem works both ways. If you can’t use other languages on Python you can’t use Python on other languages. Trying to fit Python into an environment that you are accustomed to is not a good idea and it would adversely affect its efficiency. A broad list of cons can be found in a listing in TechRepublic.

But the good point about Python, that which favorably ameliorates its status, is its easy learnability. Python is easy to learn and easier to use. It can be implemented on a variety of projects but its best if the projects have a certain level of complexity that warrants the use of Python.

Python is being used for various reasons by a lot of people. This means that the language is renowned and in demand which speaks a lot about its status in the market these days. Its dynamic nature with various additional elements make it a must try.