Primer: Setup and Configure a Kubernetes Cluster

1 Day
Online Duration
1 Day

Students should be familiar with using kubernetes and should have an understanding of the basic kubernetes objects such as nodes, pods, deployments and services. We recommend students to follow our Kubernetes course before attending this primer.

Course Contents


  • Introduction to Kubernetes Installation
  • overview of the control plane components
  • Discuss Different installation techniques
  • Discuss differences between an on-premise and managed-cloud cluster
  • Installation Architecture
  • Planning and Designing your cluster
  • Using kubeadm to install a cluster


  • Configuring your k8s installation
  • Backing-up your configuration
  • Managing users and resources
  • Using node-based affinity, taints and tolerations
  • Upgrading strategies
  • General Configuration tuning Best Practices
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Q&A

During the workshop student will set-up a 5-node kubernetes cluster with a HA control-plane.

For an onsite course please contact us