Linux System Administration (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server)

5 Days

This course helps administrators new the Ubuntu or Debian based Linux systems quickly become skilled in the core tasks involved in managing Open Source Linux solutions. The focus is on the Command Line and does not cover working with the Desktop or Desktop Application

Course Contents
  • Installing Ubuntu Server
  • Access the command line
  • Manage files from bash
  • Get help in Ubuntu Linux (resolve problems by using online help systems and standard Linux support utilities)
  • Create, view, and edit text files
  • Manage local Linux users and groups
  • Create and Manage Linux Filesystems (Partitioning disk and creating filesystems including using LVM and openZFS)
  • Control access to files with Linux file system permissions
  • Monitor and manage Linux processes (Obtain information about the system, and control processes running on it.)
  • Control services and daemons (systemd)
  • Configure and secure OpenSSH service
  • Analyze and store logs (Locate and accurately interpret relevant system log files for troubleshooting purposes.)
  • Manage networking in Ubuntu (basic IPv4 networking)
  • Archive and copy files between systems
  • Install and update software packages using dpkg and apt
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