Consulting Services

CONSULTING Services (or Professional Services) are the core business of our company. Almost all our consultants have a long career in project and/or mission critical environments. They have come to the rescue of project teams by solving complicated challenges and suggesting fresh ideas or creative solutions....They have come to the rescue of management teams with an out-of-the-box-solution, they have saved lots of money by bringing in faster programming techniques, and they have secured many projects by providing state-of-the-art reliable testing solutions. Each and every one of our consultants has three very important rules that they go by:

  • Listen carefully; solve the whole problem and always do so in a neat and well documented manner
  • Stay focused; respect the time constraints and budgets
  • Communicate; be transparent and transfer the knowledge Needless to say, our consultants are very much in demand as training instructors. After all, their knowledge goes beyond the boundaries of the course, and deeper than the foundation of a course. And above all clients love the stories they have to tell. Our consultants, without exception, know 'why' particular solutions work better than others, and not just 'how'!

For this reason it may sound logical that we manage the EDUCATION Services Unit and CONSULTING Services Unit as ONE UNIT.

Hourly Rates:

We charge €175,- per hour for assignments/projects planned 10 business days in advance. Assignments/Projects with a turn-around of 5 or less days will be charged at €275,- per hour.

Note: If you are a regular customer you will have a lower hourly rate.