Development Services

DEVELOPMENT Services are, figuratively speaking, our heart and soul. These services can benefit from all available resources in the company's other units (Education and Consulting), whether human or otherwise. All relevant technical staff keep a close eye on the developments in their own industry. They are regularly trained and tested using instructors and materials from our Education unit as well as supervisory or educational staff from partners and suppliers. Our Development Services unit is not situated in London, however, but is just outside of the beautiful city of Istanbul. We have done this for many good reasons - to name of few:

  • the availability of a large pool of excellent human resources (project managers, project leads, architects, analysts, designers, programmers and developers, tool and documentation specialists as well as testers);
  • significantly lower level of operational costs compared to most cities in Europe;
  • beautiful operating facilities such as an adjacent first-class technical university, large modern hotels, and even an international airport in the immediate vicinity;
  • excellent telecommunications and very fast internet connections;
  • the inspiring city of Istanbul nearby.