Education Services

EDUCATION Services are very special to us. Every single day of the year we train people in the use of IT technologies, introduce them to tools and platforms, or we help them improve their programming skills. We love this work. It is demanding, that is true, but at the same time there is almost nothing nicer at the end of the day than having another client with a broad smile on his/her face because they have stretched their limits with our support. EDUCATION Services are vital to the IT community. Now more than ever, it is very important to constantly improve your knowledge and skills to remain competitive and to enhance employability. The modern programmer, analyst, designer, or architect needs to stay on top of IT, day in and day out. Let us worry about gathering all knowledge and information for you. Let us develop course materials and ways to deliver that knowledge and information to your doorstep. You only have to focus on your job staying healthy, happy and competitive.

We present our EDUCATION Services in various easy-to-order ways both off- and online.  You can choose from a classic instructor-led classroom format or one-to-one setting; you can have your entire course event organized in a number of consecutive days or spread out over a longer period. Your course event can be split up in an online part plus an offline part... almost anything is possible. Just tell us what you want done and how you would like it to unfold. We will go all the way to accommodate your request. And that is a firm promise!