Apache Tomcat Admin, Configuration and Performance tuning

Part of our "Devops and Admin" courses

3 days

Course Overview

This course teaches administrators and developers to setup, configure, troubleshoot, tune and manage an Apache Tomcat Server, its resources and environment and the Java EE Web Applications running on it.

Course Prerequisites

All attendees should be familiar with general principles of system administration


This courses covers application server installation, configuration, management and deployment. It explains how to address the different Systematic Qualities such as availability, scalability, security and other QoS requirements. Among other topics this course covers:

  • Installation scenarios of Tomcat
  • Basic and Advanced Configuration of server and resources
  • Configuration and comprehending logging
  • Web Application Deployment and Configuration
  • Database/Datasource configuration, monitoring and tuning
  • Understanding and using Valves
  • Security Authentication and Authorisation (and integrating with various security domains)
  • Protecting your environment using a security manager
  • Integration with Apache httpd (mod_jk/mod_proxy)
  • Appreciating and troubleshooting class loaders
  • JVM tuning (heap/memory, threads, garbage collector)
  • Troubleshooting (e.g, threads, stack traces)
  • High availability and scalability using clusters
  • Dos and Donts, Performance Tuning general tips and tricks

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