Oracle WebLogic 12c Admin, Configuration and Performance tuning

Duration: 5 days

This course teaches both Administrators and Developers how to set up, configure and manage an Oracle® WebLogic® Application Server as well as how to set up the resources and environment and any Java EE Applications running on it.

Networking (TCP-IP, client/server, network structure) and general knowledge of software development principles

Please find the course objectives below:

This course covers application server installation, configuration, monitoring, management and deployment. It explains how to address the different Systematic Qualities such as availability, scalability, security and other QoS requirements. Among other topics this course covers:

  • Introduction to Java EE Platform, terms and technologies (for administrators)
  • Installation
  • Configuration of application server, resources and applications
  • Java EE Application/Component deployment
  • Configuration of connection pools
  • Securing Applications
  • Mastering the Messaging System
  • Monitoring (threads, connections pools, etc)
  • Clustering JMS, Web Applications and EJB
  • WLST Scripting
  • Performance tuning (mostly on throughput) of JMS, Web Applications and EJBs

Special Note in regards to WLS 10->This course can also be attended by those working with the previous version of WebLogic 10 (part of Oracle Fusion 11g).

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