Business Process Modeling (using BPMN)

Duration: 2 days

This course provides a solid overview of IT Driven Business Process Modeling.

Students should be familiar with general software analysis and development

Please find the course objectives below:

Business Process Modelling

  • Reasons for Business Process Modelling
  • Business Process Modeling techniques (identifying processes, level of granularity and detail)
  • Understand different granularity levels of Business Processes (identifiable, elementary)
  • Understand Business Process Orchestration solutions (autmation)
  • Business Orchestration vs ESB and EAI


  • Business Process Modeling techniques Modeling Notation (BPMN)
  • Explain BPMN and be able to use BPMN for your business process modeling
  • Understand the role and use of pools and lanes
  • Understand Activities
  • Understand Events (start/intermediate and end)
  • Throwing and catching events
  • Use and understand Gateways
  • Modelling User Tasks
  • Modelling IT Service Orchestration
  • Discuss various workflow patterns

Orchestration and BAM

  • Introduction to Process Automation using JBoss' JBPM

This course does not assume a particular modeling tool, different business modeling tools or drawing tools can be used. For more details look at the objectives set for the sessions and lessons of this course.

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