Java SE 8 Upgrade Course

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1 day

Course Overview

This short but intensive course focuses on getting busy developers up to speed with the new features introduced in Java SE 8.

Course Prerequisites

Students should be experienced Java developers (preferably up to Java SE 7)


Java 8 brought some of the biggest changes to the language that developers had seen so far. The biggest impact is the introduction of Lambda Expressions and Functional Interfaces. These significantly affect the way you develop (no more null!), how you use certain APIs such as collections, concurrency, and how to design your own APIs.

With this in mind, here is what we will cover during the course:

  • Statics and defaults for interfaces
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Method References
  • Functional Interfaces (java.util.function)
  • Effect of Lambda Expressions on other APIs (e.g, Concurrency)
  • Streams: functional-style access to collections
  • No more null (and NullpointerExcepions) with Optional<T>
  • Using the new Date and Time API (JSR310)
  • Generalised Target-Type Inference
  • Also changes to: annotations, parameter reflection, new tools
  • Changes made to the Hotspot Engine for Java SE 8 (PermGen)
  • Compact JRE Profiles (eJDK)

If you or your team needs an upgrade course to get to grips with Java 8 look no further.

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