Advanced Java Programming

4 days

The Advanced Java Programming Developer’s Workshop is a comprehensive hands-on workshop geared for developers who wish to explore specific advanced programming APIs and techniques.

ideally students should have taken at least Core Java Programming, or should have an equal level of Java programming experience

Please find the course objectives below:

Students who attend Advanced Java Programming for Developers will leave the course armed with the skills they require to develop solid Java applications, using sound coding techniques and best coding practices. Working in a hands-on environment, developers will:

  • Advanced Java I/O
  • Using NIO
  • Java Authentication and Authorisation Services (JAAS)
  • Use JNI to access underlying O/S
  • Master and develop Classloaders
  • Appreciate Reference objects (weak/soft/phantom/etc references)
  • Java's Regular Expressions API
  • Use Java Reflection to build dynamic applications
  • Apply the Java Concurrent API for managing threads
  • Discuss Java's Garbage Collection internals
For an onsite course please contact us