Java and Java EE Overview

Part of our "Java & Spring" courses

1 day

Course Overview

This course gives an overview of technologies, techniques and products used on a typical Java EE project

Course Prerequisites

Knowledge of software development.


  • Overview of Java EE as a Platform
  • Understanding benefits (business and IT) for using Java EE
  • Understanding key concepts behind web Development with Java EE
  • Position technologies such as EJB, JPA, JMS
  • Understand products such as Red Hat JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic etc
  • Understand reason for other frameworks (e.g, Spring)
  • Appreciate the concept of testing
  • List other languages used (Scala, JavaScipt, TypeScript, Groovy)
  • Mention Tools and utilities typically used (Git, SVN, Maven, SBT)

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