1 day

Comprehensive course on using Maven for your projects

Please find the course objectives below:

  • Introduce Maven
  • Explain the advantages of Maven
  • Understand the structure of the POM
  • Understand the build life-cycle
  • Maven directory structures and how to modify them
  • List maven properties and variables
  • Explain Maven repositories
  • Discuss different Maven project types (Java EE, Web Applications, Java SE etc)
  • Understand dependency management and Transitive Dependencies
  • Use Maven profiles
  • Use Maven plugins
  • Define projects using POM inheritance
  • Multi-module projects
  • Define projects using POM aggregation
  • Create project sites using Maven
  • Integrate Maven with your version control system
  • Overview of Maven configuration
  • Integrate Ant in Maven and Maven in Ant
  • Overview of setting up a maven repository (Nexus, Artifactory)
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