MongoDB for Developers

Part of our "Devops and Admin" courses

3 days

Course Overview

Become a productive MongoDB developer through this intensive practical hands-on course. Leverage MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database, to tackle your Big Data needs.

Course Prerequisites

To get the most from this course students should have a good understanding of software development.


  • Program efficiently for MongoDB
  • Develop JavaScript MongoDB shell scripts
  • Get instant replies to your queries through efficient indexing
  • Design database architecture for the document-oriented MongoDB DBMS
  • Implement fast Analytics jobs through the Aggregation Framework
  • Understand the implications of replication and sharding on software development
  • Avoid the common pitfalls when implementing MongoDB as early as in the design stages
  • Detect and speed up slow queries
  • Leverage your RDBMS knowledge and embrace MongoDB scalability with the NoSQL paradigm


  1. MongoDB Introduction
  2. CRUD and the MongoDB Shell
  3. Indexing and Schema Design
  4. Drivers
  5. Aggregation
  6. Replication
  7. Sharding
  8. Performance and Troubleshooting

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