Contemporary Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML

5 days

A modern contemporary course on pragmatic and practical Object-Oriented software development (OOAD) in the twenty-tens decade

Knowledge of Software development is required. some knowledge of UML is beneficial.

Please find the course objectives below:

The course includes coverage of the most effective techniques in use today for object-oriented software development, using UML where relevant. All in a hands-on environment.

  • Object-oriented ecosystem (concepts, roles, methods, tools)
  • Requirements Modelling (business/user/functional/quality requirements)
  • Use-case driven design (and alternatives)
  • Domain modelling (identifying domain concepts and classes)
  • System Behavioural modelling
  • Object-oriented Software Design (in code, through re-factoring and when needed in UML)
  • Test/Behaviour-driven development (BDD) and OOAD (role of the analyst)
  • Software Architecture vs Design
  • Agile software development and OOAD (Scrum, iterative, incremental, continues delivery)
  • Role of Business Models (business rules, business processes)
  • Role of Applications Architecture
  • System design vs System Documentation
  • Modelling languages used UML, SBVR, BPMN and Archimate
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