SAP-Sybase ASE - Administration Management Schedule

4 days

Students should have a basic understanding of database concepts & OS

Please find the course objectives below:

  • Installation steps (Demo)
  • Default databases (Its usages /Importance from working point of view.)
  • Creating user defined databases and objects
  • Introduction to global / system variables of sybase
  • Predefined (important) procs of sybase.
  • System tables in sybase
  • Understanding Transactions, Its modes, Transaction Log, Locks
  • Database options and its settings (like trunck log, db_option)
  • Understanding connectivity in sybase
  • DS-EDIT and BCP utilities in Sybase
  • System Table details
  • Query Performance and Performance tuning
  • Index Types and Understanding Indexes
  • Understand ASE architecture
  • Working with Temporary Tables
  • Devices file and creating devices
  • Backup and restoration of data.
  • Creating user and assigning rights / privileges
  • Device Management
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