sap-Sybase IQ Administration

Part of our "Devops and Admin" courses

4 days

Course Overview

Gain a working knowledge of Sybase IQ through a combination of lecture presentations and hands-on laboratory exercises. Learn Sybase IQ architecture, concepts, and terminology while setting up, loading and maintaining an Sybase IQ database. The course also covers must-know important technical information to increase the performance and tuning of Sybase IQ.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Choose the correct Sybase IQ index types
  • Create Sybase IQ databases, tables, and indexes
  • Load data into Sybase IQ
  • Create and load join indexes
  • Learn performance and tuning techniques for Sybase IQ
  • Understand Multiplex Sybase IQ environment

Course Prerequisites

This course is geared at database administrators who will assume responsibility of an Sybase IQ production environment with:

  • Understanding of relational database concepts, including relational database design
  • Familiarity with Structured Query Language (SQL) and other database fundamentals
  • Solid 2-4 years Database experience


  • Introduction to Sybase IQ
    • Overview
    • Installation of sap Sybase IQ
    • Sybase IQ Architecture and Terminology
    • Different terminologies in IQ
    • Connection in sap Sybase IQ
    • IQ Database – Planning & Creation
    • Configure IQ Server / Database
    • IQ Temp Store
    • IQ Transaction Log
    • Index, etc
  • Connecting to Server
    • Sybase Central and database management
    • Connecting with DBISQL
    • Sending commands – example
    • Few Examples to work in Sybase IQ Environment (queries)
  • Managing Database using Sybase Central
  • Configure memory and tuning.
  • Define SAP IQ data types and index types
  • Concept of Indexes in IQ
  • Sybase IQ Index Types
    • Compare
    • High Group
    • High Non Group
    • Low Fast
    • Word
  • Creating Databases, Tables, and Indexes
  • Temp Tables
  • Loading Data into Sybase IQ
  • Overview of Query Optimization
  • Manage SAP IQ security
  • Multiplex Architecture and advantage
  • Managing transactions and locking in SAP IQ
  • Monitor SAP IQ

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