Sybase - Programming and Administration Management Schedules

Part of our "Devops and Admin" courses

7 days

Course Overview

Course Prerequisites

Understanding of data-processing, basics of data programming.


  • Introduction to Database and New Features of Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)
  • Definition and need of client server architecture.
  • Relational database -Entities, Attributes, Relationships along with its types
  • Concept and need of Primary Key, Foreign Key.
  • Default and Check Constraints
  • Referential Integrity and Data Integrity
  • Databases and its other objects (Introduction)
  • How to create Databases and tables inside it. (Designing)
  • How to insert, delete and update data in tables (DML Operation)
  • The from and where clause along with order by, Group by
  • Some Aggregate Functions and its usage in SQL statement.
  • Dealing with NULL and SPACES (Using LTRIM / RTRIM)

  • Select into and conditional select statements

  • Exists & Not Exists Clause
  • Identity Columns in Tables
  • Truncate Command
  • Modify Table Structure
  • Concept of views, its use and restrictions
  • How to insert or update data through views
  • Introduction and Working with Sub-queries
  • What are joins?
  • Different types of Joins and its importance in Databases.
  • Introduction of Indexes, how to create indexes and how to remove it. How are indexes different from actual data
  • Concept of Rules and Defaults and also it works, its binding etc
  • Some Examples of Reserved words in Sybase

  • Some Examples of T-SQL functions

  • Some common T-SQL commands
  • declare local variables in sybase programs
  • Global Variables in Sybase
  • Datatypes in Sybase
  • Control of flow language - if..else, case expression, begin..end, while, break, continue, etc
  • goto, print, return, raiseerror, and comments in Sybase
  • Batches, Rules associated with batches
  • How stored procedures work?
  • Some examples of System Procedures of Sybase
  • Creating and executing stored procedures? Using parameter/parameters and with recompile option in stored procedures.
  • Returning information from stored procedures

  • System tables/databases in sybase

  • Importance of Model, Master and other System Databases
  • Understanding Transactions, Its modes, Transaction Log, Locks
  • Introduction to Triggers? And its types? Types and life span of magic tables?
  • Creating triggers? Different trigger actions?
  • Disabling and dropping triggers?

  • Alter database Syntax.

  • Database options and its settings (like trunck log, db_option)
  • DS-EDIT and BCP utilities in Sybase
  • System Table details
  • Login & User management
  • Performance tips

  • Device Management

  • Create Devices
  • Expanding Device size
  • Segments
  • Cache management
  • Table on segment
  • Log separation
  • Backup & restore
  • Point in time recovery (PITR)

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