Angular 1.x and JavaScript Masterclass (JavaScipt, JQuery, RequireJS, AngularJS, Jasmine)

4 days

This very comprehensive Angular and JavaScript course explains everything from the ground up to advanced rich user-interface development.

Delegates should be familiar with Java™, C#, Python or a similar programming language as well as show fluency in HTML.

Please find the course objectives below:

The main objective of this course is to significantly raise the level of knowledge and apprehension of experienced developers towards Angular, JavaScript,JavaScript frameworks, libraries and test/behaviour driven development.
The high-level objectives of this course are:

  • The JavaScript/ECMAScript language
  • OO programming in JavaScript
  • JavaScript Syntax
  • JavaScript for rich web clients (HTML4 and HTML5)
  • Handling events (bubbling, propagation)
  • Coordinates (and viewport)
  • Accessing RESTfull and other services (Ajax)
  • Using JQuery
  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • Develop AngularJS modules (controllers, services, filters, routes and introduce directives)
  • Use AngularJS Dependency Injection
  • Use AngularJS' promises
  • Behaviour and Test driven development using Jasmine (and Karma)
  • Using RequireJS to modularise your application
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