2 days

Basic Knowledge of Javascript is recommended

Please find the course objectives below:


  • What is Protractor
  • Why use Protractor
  • Installing Protractor
  • Architecture and Components
  • Configuring Protractor
  • End to end testing on AngujarJS websites
  • Handling Non-Angular websites

Writing First Test

  • Sample Application
  • Testing that the page is loaded
  • Adding a second condition
  • Protractor Syntax
  • Where Protractor fits in the Testing Spectrum

Locators & Test Suites

  • Locating Elements
  • Using Button Text Locator
  • Using Binding & Model locators
  • Using Repeater Locator
  • Using CSS Locators
  • Creating and Executing Test Suites
  • Using Protractor as a part of Development a workflow

Advanced Topics on Protractor

  • How Protractor Works
  • Understanding Promises and promise-based tests
  • Jasmine Concepts
  • Automatically Interacting with the Page
  • Advanced Tests with Page Objects
  • Debugging Protractor Tests
  • Mocking HTTP
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