Power tool-belt for Front-end Development

Duration: 1 day

This course gives students a solid overview of popular and contemporary tools for Front-end Web Development.

It is expected that students will be familiar with web development (html/css, javascript)

Please find the course objectives below:

Here's a closer look at the nuts and bolts of this course:

Core Technologies & Useful libraries

  • Introduce Node.js (as a platform)
  • Use the npm package manager
  • Use Node to run tools and utilities

Build and Workflow Automation (focus on Gulp)

  • Introduction to Gulp
  • Setting up and using Gulp
  • Performing common tasks (copy, sass, lint etc)
  • Gulp plugins
  • Quick overview of GruntJS

Test Frameworks (focus on Jasmine and Protractor/Selenium)

  • Introduce and use Jasmine
  • Writing specifications and using matchers
  • Defining test fixtures
  • Using Spies (stubbing and mocking)
  • Using Karma (and Gulp) to run tests
  • Discuss code coverage using istanbul
  • Using Protractor to test drive AngularJS application (WebDriver/Selenium)

Code Quality and Documentation (focus on JSHint and JSDoc)

  • Importance of JavaScript code and style Analysis tools
  • Overview of JSLint and Closure Linter
  • Using and configuring JSHint
  • Appreciate documentation tools
  • Other reasons to use documentation tools (e.g, type information, function semantics)
  • Overview of Docco, YUIDoc and Doxx
  • Using and configuring JSDoc
  • Templating and search capabilities in JSDoc
  • Adding additional documentation using JSDoc

If there are other related topics you would like the course to focus on for your team you just need to let us know. We are always open to discussing the possibilities of tailoring courses to your needs.

For an onsite course please contact us