Building Web Applications using Wicket

3 days

This highly comprehensive course explains all you need to know about building Web Applications using Apache Wicket

In order to maximize the effectiveness of this course, developers should be experienced Java Developers with prior exposure to Java Web Application development.

Please find the course objectives below:

The course subject areas include:

  • Understand the Architecture behind Wicket
  • Web Application Design using Wicket
  • Setting up Wicket projects with Maven
  • Developing Web Application using Wicket
  • Ajax in Wicket
  • Create reusable components
  • Developing Rich User Interfaces with Wicket (using Ajax, WiQuery, JQuery etc.)
  • Develop Validators and Converters
  • Security in Wicket Applications (including use of Spring Security)
  • Unit Testing Wicket Applications
  • Integrating Spring and Wicket
  • dos and don'ts, best practices

During the course the student will progressively create a full-blown web application using Apache Wicket.

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