IT Training for Teams

Invest in your team's growth with EDC4IT, where technology's core stays constant amidst changing vendors. Our courses are a beacon, transforming your team into a steadfast rock in the tech surf, equipping them with enduring skills for immediate impact and lasting innovation in the digital realm.

Primarily Focused on IT Teams

At EDC4IT, we prioritize IT teams, crafting courses that are meticulously designed to meet their unique needs. While individual IT professionals can also benefit, our primary focus is on elevating team performance. Whether it's on-site or online learning, expect comprehensive, digestible, and high-impact course material tailored for teams.

Always Led by Instructors with Multifaceted Skills

We don't do autopilot. Every course at EDC4IT is led by an instructor, whether it's delivered on-site or online. These aren't just any instructors; they're seasoned experts with robust didactic, linguistic, and educational skills. The level of active interactivity they bring helps you digest complex information effortlessly. They don't just teach; they elevate.

Beyond the 'How': Unearth the 'Why'

We go deeper than the surface. While our courses naturally cover the 'how' of technologies, what sets us apart is our focus on the 'why' and its relevance. This isn't just training; it's a strategy for maximizing your value in day-to-day operations. Choose EDC4IT, and invest in understanding, not just doing.

Always Instructor-Led: Elevating Team Preparedness

Forget passive learning through recorded sessions or one-way webinars. While many have adopted this model since the pandemic, we at EDC4IT insist on a more dynamic, instructor-led approach. Our method doesn't just inform; it transforms, making the acquisition of new products and concepts seamless for you and your team.

Adaptive Learning: Tailored for Impact

We don't believe in a static syllabus. Our instructors initiate each course by assessing the specific training needs it aims to fulfill. The course content is then adapted accordingly, employing proven methods to ensure you and your team leave not just informed, but empowered.

Interactive Learning: Real-World Ready

Pre-packaged e-learning examples may dazzle but often disappoint when applied to real-world scenarios. We cut through the hype. Our courses offer interactive, hands-on experiences that prepare you for the complexities and challenges of actual projects, not just controlled presentations.


Unparalleled Lab Experience: Hands-On Mastery
At least 60%-70% hands-on.

Forget mere lectures. At EDC4IT, a staggering 60%-70% of your course time is dedicated to hands-on lab experiences. We've invested significantly in crafting labs that don't just instruct but challenge. Our lab system is interactive, adapts to your learning curve, and tests you with real-world scenarios.

High-Quality Written Labs

In HTML and PDF for afterwards

Curated to test your skills

Adaptive to your progress

Specializing in Open-Source Technologies: DevOps and Admin

We don't just teach technology; we live it. Our core passion lies in open-source technologies, a field that not only excites us but also drives our educational ethos. Choose EDC4IT, and align your team's skills with our passion for open-source excellence.


Our students are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our students do it for us. Here are a few nice things they have said about our instructors and courses over the years.


Certifications: Beyond the Paper

We recognize the industry's emphasis on official certifications. While our courses are not designed solely for certification preparation, they equip you with the requisite knowledge to excel in exams. Our alumni have successfully secured certifications in Kubernetes, Java, Ansible, and more. With EDC4IT, you're not just certified; you're competent.


What about official certifications?

We are aware that in today's industry having an official certificate is very important to developers. Though we don't provide courses solely geared towards certifications (that would not fit with our project-oriented approach), our courses do provide you with all the required knowledge to do the certification afterward. We have had many students who have successfully passed exams for technologies such as Kubernetes, Java, Ansible, and so on.


Why EDC4IT? A Decade of Excellence, Backed by Generations of Expertise.

While EDC4IT itself has been transforming IT education for a decade, our staff and instructors bring with them several decades of collective experience in the IT industry, and we're developers ourselves. We understand the nuances of tech evolution and the imperative for your team to adapt. Our courses are not just about 'how'; they delve into the 'why,' aligning with project-oriented goals. We don't just train; we transform.


Zero-Risk Assurance: Money-Back Guarantee

Confidence in our courses is not just a claim; it's a guarantee. We offer a refund policy that eliminates any risk in selecting us as your training provider. For more details, consult our Refund Policy. With EDC4IT, your investment is not just safe; it's destined to yield returns. Refund Policy