Payment Terms for In-Company (Private) Courses

Feb 2024

Overview of Pricing:

  • The prices on our website serve as a reference for events up to the listed participant count, which varies by delivery format and course type.
  • Final Pricing: EDC4IT's commitment is to the prices in a formally confirmed proposal approved by our management. Contact us for customized pricing solutions, particularly for varying participant numbers.

For On-site Events:

  • Indicative prices assume a suitable classroom and provision of food and beverages.
  • Classroom Arrangements: If a classroom is unavailable, EDC4IT can arrange one at additional cost.
  • For a comprehensive breakdown, see the 'Course Price' section below.

Please Note: Exclusions from Our Prices

  • VAT and other applicable taxes (see "Taxes" and "Invoice" sections)
  • Customization fees
  • Fuel charges, if applicable
  • Alternative currency payments (contact us for exchange rates and approval)

Course Price Details

The total course price in our quote or proposal typically includes:

  • Administration fees
  • Customization (if needed)
  • Instructor services
  • Daily training for the course duration
  • Digital materials for each student
  • Remote/cloud machine usage (if applicable)
  • Online learning environment access
  • On-site training facilities (off-client premises courses)
  • Instructor's travel and accommodation (for on-site courses)
  • Note: Prices exclude taxes. Clients are responsible for additional taxes (e.g., VAT, Withholding Tax).



  • Taxes are not included in the quoted course price.
  • Clients must manage any applicable taxes.
  • 21% Dutch VAT applies to EU clients without a valid VAT number.
  • Non-EU clients must remit taxes to their local authorities.
  • EDC4IT is not responsible for tax-related penalties due to client non-compliance.

Invoice Details

Invoices include:

  • Net course price
  • Any discounts
  • Dutch VAT (21%) if applicable
  • Clients are responsible for declaring and paying local taxes.
  • Withholding Tax is added to the course price.
  • Payment Requirement: Full payment without deductions.

Payment Terms

Upon Order Confirmation:

  • First-time customers: 50% prepayment due upon receipt, payable at least 15 working days before the course starts.
  • Returning customers: 35% prepayment under the same conditions.
  • Consequences: Delayed or non-payment may result in course postponement or cancellation, with potential penalties.
  • Post-Course Balance Invoice:
  • First-time customers: Remaining 50%.
  • Returning customers: Remaining 65%.
  • Balances must be settled within 10 working days after course completion.
  • Price Guarantee: Valid until the quote or proposal's validation date, unless specified otherwise.

Flexible Terms

EDC4IT values the unique needs of each organization. We offer flexible arrangements to accommodate specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and beneficial training experience.

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