Payment Terms for Open Enrollment Courses (Online Instructor-Led)

Aug 2022

These are the payment terms for online open enrollment courses performed and/or organized by EDC4IT.

The payment terms for in-company (private) courses courses can be found here.

EDC4IT's Open Enrollment courses are open to persons who have their course paid for by their employer as well as persons who pay for their course out of pocket.

However, this must be indicated at the time of registration, correction afterwards is not possible.

Persons who pay for their course out of pocket are entitled to a 50% discount, see below for more details


The amount quoted on our website and all official posters is the course price.

The course price price is the amount charged for attending our course/training. It includes:

  • Training per day for the duration of the course
  • Experienced instructor
  • Course reference materials in digital format
  • Remote/Cloud Lab Environment (if required)

All prices are quoted in European EURO (€). Payment in other currencies is possible. Please contact EDC4IT if you would like to make payment in other currencies.

EDC4IT reserves the right to change course prices without prior notice. We will, however, endeavor to notify our students as soon as any changes are made.


A discount of 50% on regular course price may be offered for private (self-sponsored) students subject to EDC4IT approval.

Company-sponsored students may be offered an early-bird discount if they complete registration at least 20 days before the course start date.


VAT and all applicable taxes are NOT included in the course price.

All applicable taxes are entirely borne by the student and where applicable will be added to the course price. EDC4IT applies the Dutch VAT at the rate of 21% for all invoices to private students.

You are responsible for and must agree to pay directly all applicable taxes imposed by your respective tax authority.

EDC4IT accepts no responsibility or liability for any taxes, penalties, interests or other charges of any nature imposed by your tax authority or other Government agency as a result of your failure to declare and pay taxes on your payment for our training.


We will send you an electronic invoice as soon as we receive and process your registration request.

he invoice amount is the net amount payable to EDC4IT for the course. It includes:
  • the course price
  • less any discounts
  • plus Dutch VAT (21%)

Any local taxes such as Withholding Tax must be declared and paid by the student in their respective country.

The invoice amount must be paid in full without any set-offs or deductions whatsoever.

Registration fees (invoice amount) must always be paid no later than 14 days before the start of the course, or upon receipt of the invoice if less than 14 days remain before the start of the course.

Payment Options:

EDC4IT offers flexible payment options. We use the secure online payment infrastructures of Stripe and PayPal to process payments.

We accept payment via Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, and many other credit cards.

Subject to EDC4IT approval, companies can opt to pay via bank transfer as well. The bank transfer option is, however, not available to private students.

Kindly get in touch with EDC4IT if you would like to discuss alternative payment options.

Booking Confirmation:

We will send an email to confirm your reservation, within 3 working days after receiving your payment.

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