Questions about courses

Is it possible to tailor courses?
Of course! This is where we shine the brightest. We can tailor the content to meet your team's objective. It must however be done through a scoping call with one of your (technical) people
What about official certifications?
We are aware that in today's industry having an official certificate is very important to developers. Though we don't provide courses solely geared towards certifications (that would not fit with our project-oriented approach), our courses do provide you with all the required knowledge to do the certification afterward. We have had many students who have successfully passed exams for technologies such as Kubernetes, Java, Ansible, and so on.
Why should I choose you guys for my Team/Private Training?
EDC4IT stands out in delivering 100% technology-centered, vendor-neutral courses, uniquely designed to enhance your team's dynamics and real-world IT capabilities. Our training goes beyond just teaching the 'how'; we delve deeply into the 'why', ensuring participants understand the underlying principles as well as the practical applications. With small class sizes capped at about seven, we guarantee personalized attention and a learning experience tailored to each participant's needs. We treat every course, whether online or on-site, as a unique opportunity for insightful and impactful training. Our commitment is to make each session outstanding, reflecting our belief that we are as good as our last course. This approach, combined with our friendly and expert team, makes learning with EDC4IT not just effective, but also enjoyable.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
We are so sure that you'll find our courses top of the bill that we indeed provide a refund policy. Therefore, zero risk in choosing us as your training provider More information can be found here: Refund Policy
Is there a minimum number of participants required for my private course?
No, there is no minimum requirement set by us. However, we highly recommend a minimum of 3 participants for team training. This ensures the necessary team interaction and dynamics for an effective learning experience. If you have 2 or fewer participants, we recommend considering our open enrollment training. Nevertheless, we can also arrange private courses for 1 or 2 participants upon request.
What is the typical turnaround time for scheduling a private course?
There is no fixed waiting period for scheduling private courses with us. Our efficient Training Delivery Team's smart planners can typically organize private courses promptly. In practice, online formats tend to be faster than on-site private courses due to the absence of travel preparations and constraints. Additionally, if customization of the course is needed, it may affect the scheduling timeline.
Do I need to make arrangements for your instructors in case of on-site course delivery?
No, we handle all travel and lodging arrangements for our instructors. However, if your company has specific discount arrangements with local hotels or ground transportation services, feel free to provide suggestions. In some cases, this may impact the total course price.
Why are EDC4IT Courses Affordable?
We often get asked why our IT training courses are priced lower than the competition. The answer is simple: efficiency through automation and smart staffing.
  • Automated processes: Back-office, courseware management, and delivery are streamlined through automation, reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Global training staff: Our instructors are located worldwide, often close to where training takes place, minimizing travel expenses.
  • Travel optimization: Our dedicated team negotiates the best travel deals, further lowering costs.
This efficiency allows us to pass the savings on to you, providing high-quality training at affordable prices.
Why doesn't EDC4IT have physical training centers?
We prioritize affordability and quality by investing in top-notch courseware, instructors, and online delivery systems instead of expensive brick-and-mortar centers. This keeps costs low for you while ensuring flexibility and a high-quality learning experience wherever you are.

Need a physical training option? No problem! Our extensive global network of partners can provide on-site training solutions tailored to your specific needs. Just let us know!