Questions about courses

Is it possible to tailor courses?
Of course! This is where we shine the brightest. We can tailor the content to meet your team's objective. It must however be done through a scoping call with one of your (technical) people
What about official certifications?
We are aware that in today's industry having an official certificate is very important to developers. Though we don't provide courses solely geared towards certifications (that would not fit with our project-oriented approach), our courses do provide you with all the required knowledge to do the certification afterward. We have had many students who have successfully passed exams for technologies such as Kubernetes, Java, Ansible, and so on.
Why should we choose you guys?
Knowledge transfer has been our passion for the last three decades that we have been in this business. We take your team's improvement - in different technologies and by that the quality of your projects - seriously. We are developers ourselves and we know what is important for your team to consistently improve their skills so as to keep up with a fast-changing world of tech. This with our 'not just the how, but also why' philosophy, and being oriented toward project development, make our courses very special and valuable.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
We are so sure that you'll find our courses top of the bill that we indeed provide a refund policy. Therefore, zero risk in choosing us as your training provider More information can be found here: Refund Policy