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Every single day of the year we train people in the use of IT technologies, introduce them to tools and platforms, or we help them improve their programming skills

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Choose from a classic instructor-led classroom format or one-to-one setting; you can have your entire course event organized in a number of consecutive days or spread out over a longer period. Your course event can be split up in an online part plus an offline part.

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100% Class Quality Guarantee

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Almost all our consultants have a long career in project and/or mission critical environments. They have come to the rescue of project teams by solving complicated challenges and suggesting fresh ideas or creative solutions....They have come to the rescue of management teams with an out-of-the-box-solution, they have saved lots of money by bringing in faster programming techniques, and they have secured many projects by providing state-of-the-art reliable testing solutions. Each and every one of our consultants has three very important rules that they go by.