Online and Classroom IT Training Courses

Grow your skills in open-source development, Infra, and DevOps technologies.

All year round we are training people on how to use the latest IT technologies. We introduce them to the best tools and platforms, and we also help them grow their existing programming skills.

Specifically aimed at IT Teams

Our focus is on both individuals in IT as well as IT teams. We offer you courses that are comprehensive and suitable for both on-site and online learning. You also get extremely clear, manageable, and content-rich course mate

Always Instructor-led

All our courses are instructor-led. This applies to the courses we deliver on location as well as those we deliver online. Our instructors are experienced and passionate experts who have strong didactic and linguistic skills.

Beyond How

In our courses, we naturally explain 'how' to apply the technologies. What sets us apart from other IT Training Providers is that we pay a lot of attention to *why* and the relevance to technologies. Our goal is to ensure that YOU, as our student, MAXIMIZE the VALUE you add to your day-to-day operations.

Always Instructor Led

Many teams and developers follow courses using recorded sessions or other ‘one-directional live webinar’ types of training. This has been the case for most teams since the pandemic started. For most teams, this started during the pandemic and continued post-pandemic.
However, we strongly believe that our courses and training approach will make it easier for you to learn about new products and concepts.

Adaptive Leaning Approach

Our trainers start by verifying the training needs that a course is meant to meet and adapt the program based on that. By using tried and tested ways of explaining concepts, we make sure you and your team walk away well equipped after the course is complete.

Interactive Learning

Everybody understands a well-prepared, edited, highly contrived example in a controlled environment (we are talking to you e-learning). It makes you feel hyped and enthusiastic about the possibility of applying the newly gained knowledge. Only to find out that real-world projects don’t follow the coordinated presentation you saw.


Amazing Lab Experience
At least 60%-70% hands-on.

Apart from the trainer, students are in awe of the course's hands-on lab environment. We put a lot of time and effort into creating the best possible written labs. Our lab system is interactive and adaptable to your progress. It also tests your skills with real-life scenarios to ensure that you are prepared for your projects.

High-Quality Written Labs

In HTML and PDF for afterwards

Curated to test your skills

Adaptive to your progress

We Specialise in Open Source technologies

Our love for technology and the transfer of knowledge is mostly built around technologies that inspire us and that we feel very passionate about. We particularly feel passionate about open-source technologies and their proponents.


Our students are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our students do it for us. Here are a few nice things they have said about our instructors and courses over the years.


Is it possible to tailor courses?

Of course! This is where we shine the brightest. We can tailor the content to meet your team's objective. It must however be done through a scoping call with one of your (technical) people.


What about official certifications?

We are aware that in today's industry having an official certificate is very important to developers. Though we don't provide courses solely geared towards certifications (that would not fit with our project-oriented approach), our courses do provide you with all the required knowledge to do the certification afterward. We have had many students who have successfully passed exams for technologies such as Kubernetes, Java, Ansible, and so on.


Why should we choose you guys?

vKnowledge transfer has been our passion for the last three decades that we have been in this business. We take your team's improvement - in different technologies and by that the quality of your projects - seriously. We are developers ourselves and we know what is important for your team to consistently improve their skills so as to keep up with a fast-changing world of tech. This with our "not just the how, but also why" philosophy, and being oriented toward project development, make our courses very special and valuable.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We are so sure that you'll find our courses top of the bill that we indeed provide a refund policy. Therefore, zero risk in choosing us as your training provider More information can be found here: Refund Policy