SpringOne 2017


SpringOne 2017

SpringOne 2017 took place between 4th and 7th this December and the reports are filtering through about how it went.

Officially titled SpringOne Platform, it seeks to bring together Spring and Pivotal communities with a raft of celebrity speakers talking about their companies and how they use software. One of the fascinating things for EDC4IT was how something that seems common knowledge to us seemed to hit most people as new.

At EDC4IT we’re used to visiting wildly different companies that do a variety of different things and have different needs and expectations of training for their staff. Usually the training one of our instructor delivers in a given week will be geared towards a particular coding language or product. However we know that a month later we might be back at the same offices to deliver training on another product altogether to the same people.

To many of the attendees of SpringOne Platform it was surprising that one company might need more than one coding language. “Why? What possible reason?” asked one of the delegates after a talk by Ranji Narine from Scotiabank.

The reason is relatively simple:

  1. Businesses like to merge and acquire. Two or more businesses becoming one means different systems trying to work alongside one another. Mergers and acquisitions can be an IT manager’s worst nightmare.

  2. Those systems that older companies are still using may have initially been coded decades ago, presumably based on what was deemed most suitable at the time. Somewhere along the line someone decided to write code in a different language to for another system that had nothing to do with the main one. Over time those systems may have grown a lot closer than was the original intent. Now it is equally necessary for relevant company employees to be fluent in both languages.

  3. Adoption of open source technology to work alongside - and eventually replace - costly proprietary software.

We understand the issue that businesses often face and will work by your side on these challenges. Check out our range of courses to find what you need. Or give us a call and we can work on a bespoke solution for your company.

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