Why Data Scientists Need Java


Why Data Scientists Need Java

As mentioned in another blog post Python is widely regarded as the go-to programming language for machine learning and data science. There are many such projects that are taking off right now as machine learning and artificial intelligence go from strength to strength.

But does Python really deserve to be the top dog for this sector? Aren’t there any other languages that are just as good, if not better?

Well there is another language. We’re going to argue that Java is also an excellent language that can satisfy all the needs related to data science projects.

Java is probably already in use at your organisation, so why not use it? It isn’t essential for you to bring in a new programming language so keep Java in place and work with it. After all, Java is made up of a huge variety of libraries and tools to aid your Data Science or Machine Learning project. Check out Weka, MLlib or Deeplearning4j. These can help your project along immensely.

While you’re at it why not check out Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which allows you to write identical code across multiple platforms. Additionally JVM allows you to swiftly create custom tools and IDEs to improve productivity. Another boon to productivity is how speedy Java is. Speed is super-important to major applications and they can depend upon the stability of the Java language.

Speaking of large data applications, Java being “strongly typed” is another great feature which makes things easier for developers. Using Java programmers can write code for applications without involving any unit tests. If you’re building from scratch with the anticipation that yours will be a large data application you’ll find that Java also makes scaling up your application a breeze and better than other options.

Our instructors and consultants are Java experts and are perfectly placed to guide you and/or your team through all the details related to your project. Don’t forget that we can tailor a course to suit your needs. Meanwhile why not check out our Java courses here and get in touch for more info.

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