Core HTML5 and CSS3 to build Responsive Modern Web Applications

2 Days
Online Duration
3 Days

Students don't need prior experience with older versions of HTML4 or CSS, it is however helpful to have some experience with these languages.

Course Contents

After this course you will be fully equipped to:

  • create modern HTML5/CSS websites (for mobile, tablets, desktop and televisions)
  • Make Responsive web sites
  • Make use of popular tools and frameworks
  • Structure web pages using the Flex Model and CSS Grid
  • Use advanced CSS3 techniques (media queries, animations)
  • Use advanced techniques such as drag and drop, Geolocation, canvas and offline storage

HTML and General

  • Fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Structure HTML documents (using semantic elements)
  • HTML5 tables and lists
  • HTML5 forms
  • Use video and audio
  • Use Emmet and other tools
  • Apply best practices (such as mobile-first)
  • Apply Responsive Web Design
  • Tools for testing your site (cross browser/device/platform)
  • Performance tips and measurement (mostly network and resource loading)


  • CSS syntax and CSS3 Selectors
  • Understand CSS units (em, px, rem, etc)
  • Understand special CSS values (inherit, initial and unset)
  • Apply fonts, and text styles
  • Understand CSS colours (RGB, HSL)
  • CSS Positioning (static, relative, absolute, fixed and sticky)
  • Understand the CSS Box Model (margins, padding, border)
  • Understand CSS display values
  • Use the Flexbox model
  • Understand and use the CSS Grid
  • Define and use CSS animations
  • Understand and use media queries
  • Develop Responsive Web Pages
  • Discussions: SCSS, SASS
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