Android Development

Part of our "Web and Mobile" courses

5 days

Course Overview

The Android Basics course aims to introduce students to Android development for mobile devices and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to create and deploy fully functional Android applications.

Course Prerequisites

Students should know basic Java.


  • Learn about the Android platform and Android development tools
  • Understand Android project structure, packages and resources
  • Android Activities and Intents
  • Creating UI with XML
  • Common Android UI components and layouts
  • Views, ViewGroups and custom Views
  • UI Fragments
  • Processing user touch input and gestures
  • Persistence, file management, and shared preferences
  • Android Services and Notifications
  • Broadcasts and Broadcast Receivers
  • Background Tasks and Threads
  • Phone API
  • Accessing camera, microphone and device sensors
  • Publishing apps to the market
  • Best practices

This Android Development course looks very interesting, I do however have a question