Android Security: Android Internals

Part of our "Web and Mobile" courses

2 days

Course Overview

This course is an Android porting oriented course targeted at prospective Android porting engineers, experienced programmers and engineers who are interested in learning the fundamentals of adapting Android to a new target system, Mobile Security Researchers.

Course Prerequisites

The attendees should be proficient with C, be familiar with basic Linux command line tools, should have working knowledge of Java and C++.


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Introduction to Android

  • First look
  • Anatomy of an application
  • Native code
  • Intents
  • Other application components

Board Configuration

  • The Android kernel
  • Starting up
  • Adding new packages
  • Graphics and OpenGL
  • Binder

Android's hardware abstraction layer

  • Network
  • Input devices
  • Sound and vision
  • Resource management


This Android Security: Android Internals course looks very interesting, I do however have a question